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  • "One sachet is a meal, ready to drink. I usually go back to work and prepare one sachet for breakfast. It is convenient and filling, and the calories are very low. It contains about 100 calories and it is delicious. It's right!"

    Selina Leong

  • "I really like the hazelnut cocoa flavor. It is suitable for drinking all year round. In winter, use hot milk to make it warm, and in summer, use frozen milk or frozen water to make it cool."

    Joey Chan

  • "The choice for lazy people to lose weight, usually do not have time to do exercise, use meal replacements to replace 1-2 meals a day, while losing weight and nutrition"

    Pamela Ieong

  • "If you don't like the sweetness, you can try the white peach oolong milk cap. It has a light tea flavor and the taste of milk cap. You don't have to worry about it being too sweet. You won't get tired of drinking it every day."

    Jessica Tong

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Functional features of hazelnut cocoa meal replacement

Detoxification and metabolism x Patented skin-beautifying ingredients x Fight obesity x Satisfy taste buds

★ 7g high protein content and 4.7g dietary fiber, plus slimming and beauty and other elements integrated into one! One pack of multi-effects, easy to use

♥ 1x energy supplement: soy protein

♥ 2x Detox Metabolism: Cassia Seed, Green Maté

♥ 3x Satiety: Patented PROMITOR® Soluble Fiber, Psyllium Husk, Chia Seed

♥ 4x beauty: Japanese patented Oryza® cherry blossom extract, Japanese patented oral hyaluronic acid Kewpie
Hyabest®, Spanish pomegranate extract Pomanox®, Japanese patented camellia seed extract, glutathione

♥ 5x Nutrition: Provides 1/2 of the daily requirement of multivitamins

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Features of White Peach Oolong Milk Cap Meal Replacement

Fight obesity x satisfy taste buds x beautify skin and anti-aging

★ 6.3g high protein content combined with slimming and beauty elements! One pack of multi-effects, easy to get ♥ 1x protein: whey protein ♥ 2x skin beauty: grape seed extract, red grape extract ♥ 3x slimming: patented PROMITOR® Soluble Fibre, bitter orange extract ♥ 4x multivitamins: provide daily needs 1/ 2 contents of multivitamins

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[Limited Set Offer] - Hazelnut Cocoa + White Peach Oolong Milk Cap

Multi-box discounts, try two flavors at once!

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branded advantages

1. Strict food safety regulations

All JUMIA products are produced by Taiwan's GMP factory

The research and development, production and quality management of the products all comply with the strict regulations of international quality

2. Won a number of international food safety certifications

  • FDA certification

  • International NSF-GMP certification

  • ISO22000


  • The product has passed the SGS test

SGS food testing report

3. Product Liability Insurance

The product has been insured with one million US dollars of liability insurance, quality assurance, and comprehensive protection of consumer rights