Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) In addition to adding water to make a meal replacement, what else can be used to make it?

Meal replacement powder already contains milk fat powder or milk powder. Generally, it can be prepared with water to minimize calorie intake. If you want to increase the feeling of fullness, you can add milk, soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc. to make the meal replacement more delicious and full.

2) Why can eating meal replacements help you lose weight?

The average person consumes about 500-900kcal of calories per meal, and some foods even have higher calories, while JUMIA meal replacement calories are only about 100kcal. When the daily calorie intake is less than the consumption, it will reach a "calorie deficit", and the body will turn to consume in the body The calories originally stored in fat can achieve the effect of burning fat and losing weight. Whenever the calorie deficit reaches 7700kcal, you can lose 1 kg. JUMIA meal replacement ingredients are added with an effective weight-loss patented formula, which replaces a regular meal every day. Continuous consumption and a balanced diet can help ideal weight loss.

Many customers tend to neglect the balanced intake of nutrients during the weight loss period, resulting in a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, which in turn causes the opposite effect of weight gain. JUMIA specially adds a variety of nutrients, vitamins and patented slimming and beauty ingredients to comprehensively take care of the nutrition during the weight loss period. To achieve healthy and effective fat burning and weight loss.

Ordinary meal replacement powders only take into account the basic functions of detoxification and low calorie. JUMIA specially adds high-content and effective beauty ingredients and comprehensive vitamins from Royal DSM Group (DSM), such as Japanese patented camellia seed extract to activate fiber Mother cells, anti-glycation, increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid; rich in vitamins to help heat metabolism and provide basic health care to maintain normal functions.

The ingredients of the product contain milk fat powder or milk powder , suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians or lacto-vegetarians, but not recommended for vegans.

Generally, the ketogenic diet should control the daily carbohydrate intake within 20~50g, and the carbohydrate content of JUMIA meal replacement is: 17.3g/packet of hazelnut cocoa flavor, 18.8g/packet of white peach oolong milk cap flavor, customers can see Depending on your diet plan.

Not suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Those who suffer from serious diseases, need to take medicine, or are allergic to product ingredients, please consult a doctor first.

JUMIA beauty and slimming meal replacement is produced by a large GMP factory in Taiwan, and has obtained FDA certification, international NSF-GMP certification, ISO22000, HACCP and SGS testing certification, ensuring that it does not contain heavy metals, pesticides, diet pills, trans fats and preservatives, and more Covered by $1 million liability insurance, you can drink it every day.

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